Jacko tribute Ben plays Grand

Michael Jackson tribute Ben Bowman
Michael Jackson tribute Ben Bowman
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Ben Bowman’s portrayal of Michael Jackson is reckoned to be one of the most vocally and visually accurate tributes to the King of Pop to be touring UK theatres.

He’s booked for appearances clear through to 2014, but next Friday he’s at Lancaster Grand Theatre for a one-night appearance.

He not only sings live, but has perfected every dance routine.

The show is backed by a team of dancers, musicians and lighting and sound technicians, dedicated to recreating the experience of a Michael Jackson spectacular.

A spokesman said: “There are many Michael Jackson tribute artists in the world today. Some dance but cannot sing, others sing but cannot dance. It is almost impossible to find someone with the ability to not only perform live, but to authentically capture the essence and the magic of Michael Jackson.”