Let ‘Guitar George’ do it

Guitar George
Guitar George
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Preston music fans have a rare opportunity to check out Guitar George on Monday evening.

He knows all the chords, mind – he’s strictly rhythm, he doesn’t want to make it cry or sing.

And an old guitar is all he can afford when he gets up under the lights to play his thing tonight at the Dog and Partridge.

Legendary guitar roadie and musician George Borowski – immortalised in the Dire Straits song Sultans of Swing – tops a bill of great guitar music at the Friargate pub from 8pm.

Arguably the ultimate musician’s musician, Wrexham-born, Stockport-based George has played with bands as diverse as The Pixies, Meatloaf, Sad Cafe, The Waterboys and Radiohead – a list which continues to grow.

Friend and promoter Paul O’Mara said: “George Borowski plays like a demon, squeezing out inspirational tunes so sweet they make you feel physically seven stones lighter...

“And all he gets remembered for is being patronised by a bald bloke with a bandana.

“What he should be celebrated for is driving pop, rock and country songs with great lyrics.”

Support on the night comes from Serious Sam Barrett and Jamie Brewer.

Yorkshire man Sam, backed by Alabaman Jamie, promises a blast of badass Blues and country.

Sam writes sore love songs for the broken-hearted, using 12-string guitar and banjo, earning his music the moniker of ‘Yorkshirecana’.