Music that really is from the heart

Heart Variations For String Quartet
Heart Variations For String Quartet
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A musical experience like no other hits Preston in April.

Conceptual artist Egle Mei, working with the Liverpool String Quartet (featuring RLPO musicians), showcases ground-breaking compositions created by listening and recording the sounds of people’s hearts, connecting them into melodies and creating music for string quartet.

Heart Variations for String Quartet probes deep into the human psyche, “seeking to unite the language of body, music and feelings in an exciting cross-curricular science and music programme, linking psychology and neuroscience (biofeedback system) with music education, composition and chamber music.”

Heading to Liverpool, St Helens, Preston, Fleetwood and Burnley, Heart Variations For String Quartet is the result of an ambitious two-year project by creative director Mei.

She recorded the electrical impulses of people’s hearts (ECGs) and encoded them into notes.

Mei worked with two of England’s best composers – singer, songwriter and master of many instruments Meike Holzmann and classical music genius Ian Stephens, whose music has been performed by famous orchestras – to turn the encoded notes into two beautiful and breath-taking contemporary classical music pieces.

Egle Mei said: “We have all experienced the beauty of freedom and the tragedy of choice.

“How many hours in life do we spend counting the pros and cons? Possibly, enough time to live five happier lives while better learning how to listen to our hearts.

“I am very lucky to have a chance to work with the best composers in the North West.

“Meike Holzmann and Ian Stephens have given the most beautiful forms and colours to the encoded notes, wrapped them into a language from which any audience can find their own meaning.

“And of course, the heart music wouldn’t speak for itself.

“Nobody else could play it so passionately and expressively as the Liverpool String Quartet.”

Also as part of the concert, talented and creative pupils from each town on the tour will share their very special and first classical music compositions for string quartet.

Mei said: “Students will have a chance to take part in our free workshops, to get to know more about biofeedback and create music compositions for string quartet.

“There’s nothing more important than growing and supporting our creative youth who might themselves become great composers one day.”

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It’s at The Playhouse Theatre in Preston at 7pm on Friday, April 25.

Tickets: or 0843 208 1842

Then it goes to Fleetwood Marine Hall on Saturday, May 3 ( or 01253 887693).

It’s then on at Burnley Mechanics on Saturday, June 14.

Tickets: or 01282 664400.

Tickets cost: Adults £10.