Rising stars faster than a speeding tombola

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Faster Than Bulls

“Irrespective of genre there are only three types of music – good, bad or indifferent.”

This debut CD Single/EP by Chorley-based proto punks Faster Than Bulls undoubtedly falls firmly into the first category.

This, the band’s first independent release, is entitled Tombola which would appear to indicate a raffle or lottery game in progress.

Well, hey presto!

Spin the drum and out pops a classic pop/rock song of the future in the form of lead track Blow Out – a jaw dropping high energy bass and guitar driven track which reels the listener in hook, line and sinker! It’s an immediately memorable ‘sing along’ track.

“I want you to notice, I want you to know my name!” are the lyrics that grab your attention as the song rocks along at full speed.

Second track ‘Despite The Night’, another rocker, goes full tilt followed by an alternative mix of this track by soundscaper, DJ and band mentor Buckingham Stardust who waves his magical wand over the band’s soundboard.

The band draw influences from early 1970’s rock doyens The New York Dolls and classify themselves as ‘punk’ and ‘proto punk’ rock, but their talents and musical styles are perhaps broader and more diverse than they give themselves credit for.

Chris Unsworth bassist and main vocals fronts the band with guitarists Timmy Daniel and Ricky Moss accompanied by Ben Argyle on drums, they are a rising force on the Chorley music scene.

This band are literally ‘Faster Than Bulls’ so you would never find them in a china shop but with good fortune and lady luck on their side they could be set to ‘break the mould’ with this ‘five star’ release.

Lucas Campbell, The Rock of Ages Radio Show

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