Stranglers pencil in city date

The Stranglers
The Stranglers
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Punk legends The Stranglers are heading to Preston.

The band that brought keyboards and college mentalities to the nihilism of the cleansing fires of 1977 wil play at 53 Degrees on July 6.

Original lead singer Hugh Cornwell may have left but the line up is 40 years old.

Jet Black has played drums since 1974, Jean-Jacques Burnel has been on since the band’s formation and Dave Greenfield joined on keyboards in 1975.

This year they celebrate their ruby anniversary with a tour across the UK and a string of high profile festival dates.

Burnel said: “On this, the occasion of our ruby anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity to stick my fingers up to everyone who wrote us off and dismissed us.

“However I would like to thank those who saw beyond the words of the critics and drew their own conclusions.

“He who laughs last laughs longest AND loudest.

“Next year we will make a lot of noise with our friends.”

Their own highly original sound combined a brilliant melodic touch with a genuine dark aggression and an effortless cool.

The Stranglers are a pivotal band from those inspirational times and have been acknowledged with their recent BBC Proms appearance at the Royal Albert Hall.

Their continued run of album success has marked a long, controversial and pioneering career.

The band intend to feature a selection of material from every studio album of their 40-year career, from their debut album – the pioneering Rattus Norvegicus (featuring classics like Hanging Around and Peaches) – to huge singles like No More Heroes, Golden Brown and Strange Little Girl, and cuts from their most recent, highly acclaimed album, Giants.

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