Zombies on the loose for band’s new music video

UNIQUE: Adlington band Faster Than Bulls are filming their new video today
UNIQUE: Adlington band Faster Than Bulls are filming their new video today
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Adlington-based Faster Than Bulls have only been together for a year, but in that time they have had their songs professionally recorded, are all set to record their first music video and now have their own chapter dedicated to them in a horror story.

Author Peter McKeirnon’s Death in a Northern Town is what really got the ball rolling for band members Chris Unsworth, Ricky Moss, Ben Argyle and Tim Daniel.

The book is about a zombie apocalypse based in Runcorn, Cheshire.

Chris said: “I read the book by Peter and I really enjoyed it so I started to write a song on it.

“I was writing a deep song anyway but after reading this it came together and everything fell into place.

“Peter fell in love with the song and we decided to do our own professional music video for it.”

More than 200 zombies are featuring in the music video which will be filmed in Widnes today.

The band will now feature in the second of Peter’s books, Death in a Northern Town - No Rest for the Living.

Chris added: “Peter has dedicated a full chapter to us in the book.

“It means the world to us.

“I really can’t think of any other band that this has happened to.

“We aren’t really sure what happens to us in the book so we will all have to wait to find out if we survive.”

The successful band will be coming to Chorley in October and performing in Chorley Live.

They will also feature in Preston’s ‘Prestival’ and Rebellion at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens.