New tea shop hits the spot

The Old Stables Vintage Tea Shop in Chorley
The Old Stables Vintage Tea Shop in Chorley
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The Old Stables Vintage Tea Shop opened its doors last month and I have been keen to visit ever since.

My love of cakes means the dessert is nearly always my favourite part of a meal and I couldn’t wait to taste the treats on offer.

The tea shop is hidden away in an alley at the top of West Street, in Chorley town centre, and I could see the tables, chairs and bunting outside as I arrived.

The sun was shining and I was tempted to sit outside, but instead opted for a table inside the tea shop.

The first thing I saw as I walked in was the cakes on the counter and they all looked fantastic.

I was immediately impressed by the tea room, which had nice table decorations and lots of vintage touches.

The savoury food on the menu was mainly sandwiches and soup – exactly what you would expect from a tea room - with a few other things like porridge and crumpets.

There was also a massive choice of drinks, including a variety of teas, coffees and cordials.

The friendly staff came over twice to take our order, but there was so much choice that I still hadn’t decided.

Eventually, I ordered a strawberry and kiwi cordial (£1.50) and a honey roast ham with red onion marmalade sandwich (£4.95).

Then came the biggest decision – the cake.

They all looked great, from the chocolate fudge cake to the scones, but I couldn’t resist the orange drizzle cake (£1.95).

My boyfriend, Danny, went for the afternoon tea, which included a choice of dainty sandwiches, a cake or scone, and either a pot of tea or a large coffee (£7.95).

He ordered smoked salmon with cream cheese sandwiches on wholemeal bread, a slice of banana and coconut cake and a pot of cranberry and blood orange tea.

It wasn’t long before our food arrived and both orders looked great.

My sandwich, on a white baton, was much larger than I expected and was accompanied by a green salad and crisps. The bread was soft and I particularly enjoyed the red onion marmalade.

Danny’s afternoon tea came on a stand and there were a good number of sandwiches.

As well as the cake, there was a salad, chocolate-covered strawberries, sweets and cream.

He tucked into the sandwiches and really enjoyed them, before turning his attention to the strawberries.

The tea room is so new that he was told he was the first person to order the cranberry and blood orange tea.

He found the orange took away from the dryness of the cranberry, making a good combination.

Our cakes were both delicious too, with my orange drizzle cake having just the right amount of orange.

Danny’s cake had a stronger coconut taste than he had expected, but he was pleased with it.

We both really enjoyed our meals and were impressed with the tea shop.

It was also great value, with the total bill coming to £16.35.

We will definitely be back to try out more of the delicious cakes.