PCW’s Steven Fludder - A few days of sun, drinking and football

PCW: Steven Fludder, Chris Masters and Drew Gale
PCW: Steven Fludder, Chris Masters and Drew Gale
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It’s been a quiet week as far as PCW goes. That is not a bad thing though!

With the stress and strain of the last six months it’s nice for everything to slow down. With the next show being free entry, there’s no ticket sales to drive. The show after June 28th is not until August, so I thought I would be having an easy month. I checked my emails today. only to see a big deal that has taken months to iron out has been agreed. While I can not say what it is right now, I can say it’s a huge deal for wrestling fans in Europe!

Also next week I say goodbye to my house guest this month who wrestles by the name of Uhaa Nation. Not before I take him to Magaluf for a stag party with 30 other lads. Now Uhaa has never done anything like this and is more accustomed to being all respectful in Japan. I am sure he will love it but more than anything I cant wait to get away! A few days of sun, drinking and football is just what the doctor ordered.

For the next week you should start seeing my posters for the June 28th free show (yes free just turn up) popping up all over Preston. I have looked at the posters then looked at the rain and thought not today haha. But now the sun seems to be out and I have no excuses but to cover Preston in posters. I honestly cant wait for the next show. Its close to bankrupting me but for me to showcase my company in front of thousands of fans in the town I was raised, it can’t get any better than that can it?

So check out www.prestoncitywrestling.com for details!