PCW’s Steven Fludder - TNA star Ken Anderson is in action

PCW owner: Steven Fludder
PCW owner: Steven Fludder
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Its been a slow week for me as far as news goes.

After the Council agreed our deal for the unit 31 St Mary’s street I have one more hoop to jump through. We need to change the unit from Industrial to Gymnasium use and this involves around 50 forms to fill in. We wont be changing the structure or doing anything at all to change the unit but it’s a nice £400 hole in my pocket to follow the paper trail. Love to know how they work out the cost of that but its not going to get me anywhere arguing. So my new not for profit venture is already not in profit haha.

Next week is also unusually quiet for me too! But I am enjoying my time to get all my affairs in order and chase up all the outstanding little things I keep putting off. One big task I had planned was my stock take! Typically my cat has decided to give birth behind the stock so that’s one thing I cant do or risk having squashed kittens in my stock boxes for the next show. I can’t see them selling too well so I will find something else to do.

So all in all it’s a quiet week. They are nice to have from time to time as I am sure I will be doing nothing but complain when I have to spend a week in the unit with a paint brush. Its now only two weeks off the next show on August 1st and things are looking good for the show. TNA star Ken Anderson is in action so order a ticket from www.prestoncitywrestling.com and come join us for a fun night of wrestling!