Restaurant review - La Corte, Leyland

La Corte, Leyland
La Corte, Leyland
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I’ve heard that some publications require a reviewer to visit a restaurant three times before writing up their verdict, in order to get a fair overview of the quality of food and service.

In the case of La Corte, it turns out that I have been three times now since it opened a few months ago in Leyland, but not specifically for work purposes.

Needless to say, I suppose I have a good idea of what to expect from the Italian, and the fact that I’ve been back for more counts for something.

Initially though, I wasn’t confident I’d have a good time, because it seemed there was a lot of people taking to social media to criticise the service, the food, and the prices.

Others were praising it and saying it is just what Leyland has been missing.

I have to say I’ve never had any complaints about the staff, and our waiter on our most recent visit on Saturday was particularly polite.

The food has always been good in my opinion, although not always fantastic, which I think may be what has lead to people accusing the management of over-charging and failing to deliver on the promise of La Corte offering a more ‘fine dining’ experience than Leyland is probably used to.

At a glance, the pizza section of the menu contains mainly standard toppings such as ham and pineapple, ham and mushroom etc, and not much in the way of anything extra special, with the exception of two or three, including the ‘La Corte’ pizza.

Consisting of wild boar, goats cheese and caramelised onion (£9.95), it was particularly tasty on one of my visits.

On Saturday, I went for lasagna (£9), which might seem like a boring choice, but the end result wasn’t at all dull.

It was one of the best lasagnas I’ve ever had, packed with meat and lots of gooey cheese, some parts slightly charred for extra flavour. It wasn’t by any means sloppy.

Another highlight of the night was my partner’s starter of chicken livers with mushrooms, onions, chilli, peppers and white wine (£5.80).

The livers were soft and succulent and the sauce was rich and a good match for the meaty livers.

My breadcrumb-stuffed mushrooms (£5.80) were nice enough, but the mushrooms themselves were quite al dente and a bit tasteless. The sauce was good though, and provided some moisture.

But across the table, my fellow diner was left unimpressed with his main course of sea bass with vegetables (£15.95). The fish was dry and bland which was a big disappointment, especially considering the price.

We shared a bottle of red wine (£15.90) which we thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, I’ve always found the wine to be a hit, in the upstairs restaurant and the downstairs wine bar, at around £4 or £5 a glass.

All in all, I’d have to agree that a visit to La Corte can be quite costly and doesn’t really represent good value for money, (in the evening at least), but generally I’ve been pretty satisfied with all the food I’ve had there.

I’d like to see the lunch-time cicchetti menu (similar to tapas) available in the evenings, to try a selection of smaller dishes.


Address: Old Police Station, Golden Hill, Leyland

Contact: 01772 453552 or

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday – noon until 2pm and 5.30pm until late. Sundays – 4.30pm until late

Offers: Lunch mains £6. Cicchetti offers three dishes and a drink for £12.50