A compelling snapshot of family life

In Doggerland
In Doggerland
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In Doggerland

Lowry Studio, Salford

A smart and engaging new play from a new young theatre company, committed to “the next generation of new writing.”

And the even better news is that it’s coming to Preston’s Continental pub theatre later this month. It’s produced by Manchester-based Box of Tricks, who have already demonstrated their undoubted theatrical skills at the same venue twice this year.

In Doggerland is set at the intersection of the lives of two sets of people – a father and daughter still coping with loss, and a young brother and sister who unwittingly become a catalyst for change.

The delicacy of playwright Tom Morton-Smith’s narrative is that this becomes a play about identity, both lost and found, and even the role that photographs – or alcohol for that matter – can sometimes play in the process.

An intricate and intriguing story is peeled away with extreme delicacy. Morton-Smith and director Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder create four concise and credible characters, even if their coming together revolves around the credulity-stretching coincidence of a snapped photograph.

But deal with that and there’s still an elaborate drama wrapped around memories, images and grief.

Highly recommended.

David Upton