A panto to suit everyone!

Korova Kids present Cinderelladin!
Korova Kids present Cinderelladin!
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It’s a panto featuring all your favourites – Korova Kids present Cinderelladin!

The fun festive production has been created by the children of Korova Arts Cafe’s kids theatre group – who also star in it.

They decided to combine all their favourite elements of pantos to provide something for everyone.

Roxanne Flynn, who runs Korova Kids, said: “Obviously, there is Cinderella and Aladdin. But we’ve also got the Wicked Witch from Snow White and we’ve got Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast instead of the Genie!

“There is Buttons - and a whole lot of slapstick, jokes and songs in the best panto tradition.”

The Korova Kids creative theatre company meets up every Saturday morning and has been working on this panto since November.

Roxanne has a degree in contemporary drama and has previously led theatre companies in the city, in particular her group Poppycock.

She says she aims to bring out children’s own creativity in theatre, dance and vocal techniques.

Roxanne says: “I started Korova Kids as I feel there is a need for a company where children can express themselves freely and the performing arts is a great place to begin!

“It also encourages them to make new friends and build their confidence.”

Based at the Korova Arts Café, on St Wilfred’s Street, sessions allow parents and guardians to go shopping or read a book knowing that their children are learning about costume, set design, sound, lighting and all aspects of theatre.

Tickets for the panto, on Monday December 30 at 2pm, are £3.

Call in at Korova, ring Roxanne on 07513774220 or email Korovakids@yahoo.co.uk.