Circus talents from around the world

Zippos Circus astonishing strongman, Hercules
Zippos Circus astonishing strongman, Hercules
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Zippo’s Circus is bringing Cirque Berserk to the Southport Theatre for just three days from Thursday, January 30 - Saturday, February 1.

The extreme-style circus, suitable for all the family, features crazy and dangerous acts as well as modern comedy.

Cirque Berserk has been a four-star hit for the past three years at the prestigious Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park.

This will be the show’s first-ever national tour.

It includes the world’s most dangerous circus act, the legendary Globe of Death, with three motorcyclists speeding around inside a steel cage at over 60mph, seen for the first time live on stage in the UK.

And a troupe of more than thirty jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, musicians and death-defying stunt men are joined by Guinness World Record holding strong man Hercules and award-winning clown Tweedy.

The cast includes:

From Brazil: The Lucius team Globe of Death

From Kenya: the magnificent Zulu Warriors

From the Cuba: the Havana Troupe of acrobats

From the Caribbean: glamorous Dancers

From Somerset: the Wookey Hole Troupe of skaters and cyclists

From Czechoslovakia: the Urban Knife Throwers

From the Ukraine: the mighty strongman Hercules

From Cuba: amazing aerialists high above the stage

From Scotland: Britain’s funniest clown, Tweedy!

The Cirque Berserk Tribal Drummers.