Dave off Dave gets the point

Dave Gorman's Modern Life Is Goodish
Dave Gorman's Modern Life Is Goodish
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Currently enjoying success on comedy TV channel Dave with the new series of his hilarious Modern Life Is Goodish, Dave Gorman will visit Preston at the end of this month.

Dave cut his comedy teeth writing for The Mrs Merton Show and The Fast Show before finding fame in his own right with shows Are You Dave Gorman?, Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure and others.

The comic brings his brand new show Dave Gorman Gets Straight To The Point to Preston Guild Hall, Charter Theatre on October 31.

Basically, it’s a PowerPoint presentation. Yes. That’s right.

A PowerPoint presentation. We know what you’re thinking.

But don’t worry, this all-new show follows smoothly on from the comic’s critically-acclaimed Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation. Which was also a PowerPoint presentation....

Just one that was a sell-out nationwide smash. So relax. You’re in safe hands. You won’t need to take notes and almost certainly won’t be tested on it later.

Tickets £20, for more see www.prestonguildhall.com/.