‘Die Hard meets the Office’

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Lancashire has landed an exclusive as the only destination for the tour of the international sensation that has taken the world by storm!

BLAM! will be at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre from August 20-31.

It’s billed as: “It’s what happens when four guys in an office relieve their boredom by playing tricks on each other.

“Tricks that rapidly escalate from flicking paperclips to breathtaking physical feats and awe-inspiring stunts as the four recreate all their favourite action movie scenes.

“Die Hard, Jaws, Rambo, RoboCop, Apocalypse Now, ET – see how many film references you can spot as they pile upon each other at breakneck speed.”

When the show was in London last year the Daily Express described it “the best office party I have ever attended”.

Call the Grand Centre Box Office on 01253 743338 or got to the Box Office, Church Street, Blackpool.