‘Greatest book ever written’

Greatest book ever written
Greatest book ever written
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Stan’s Café bring their staging of “the greatest book ever written” to Live at LICA at Lancaster University on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Anatomy of is nearly 400 years old; a vast, 1500-page attempt to identify the causes, symptoms and cures for all kinds of melancholy.

Written by vicar and librarian Robert Burton it contains all the wisdom of its age.

Yet, amidst the stories and suppositions, much of its advice remains just as profound.

In the hands of Stan’s Café, Burton’s formidable work has been used to create a performance that is entertaining, thought provoking and often, extremely funny.

Using flipcharts, song, dance and mime, the key ideas are presented by a charismatic four piece with comic timing. Box office: 01524 594151 or www.liveatlica.org.