Play is all in a day’s work

Theatre review
Theatre review

If you have ever asked yourself how you ended up working with the people around you, read on.

Because a new play that examines relationships between people in the workplace is likely to reassure you that you are not alone.

Award-winning playwright Grace O’Leary puts this universal experience under the microscope in her latest production, Letter-headed Paper.

The action revolves around Sheila, Ken, Olivia and Amy who work in the same office from nine to five, Monday to Friday.

Although they spend so much time together, they still know very little about one another.

But when the future of their workplace comes under threat, true colours begin to be revealed and the foursome are forced to face up to some difficult decisions.

Last year Grace, who also directs the play, won Contact Theatre’s Verbally Challenged competition in Manchester.

Her first play, What Colour Was Her Blood? was short-listed for the best original new play in 2009.

She said: “I really hope audiences will enjoy Letter-headed Paper.

“I believe it’s a piece that many people will be able to relate to and while I haven’t based the characters on people I’ve worked with, I think their behaviour will be familiar to everybody.

“I’ve been very fortunate to work with a wonderful cast and I can’t wait to see it performed in front of an audience.”

Letter-headed Paper is set in the office of a national cement manufacturer and explores the various dynamics of workplace relationships and the strains created by office politics.

The play is at The New Continental in Preston tonight (Thursday) starting at 7.50pm.

For further information and to book tickets call 01772 499425.