The appliance of Sci-Ince

Robin Ince is coming to Chorley Little Theatre
Robin Ince is coming to Chorley Little Theatre
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Award-winning comic Robin Ince has always been one to take a scientific interest in the world around him.

The comedian, who is best known as the presenter of 
Radio 4’s Infinite Monkey Cage alongside Professor Brian Cox, returns to Chorley Little Theatre tomorrow with The Importance of Being Interested.

The tour, the follow up to his last outing, Happiness Through Science, which he brought last year to the Dole Lane theatre, looks at Ince’s two favourite 
scientists – Charles Darwin and Richard Feynman.

The funnyman explores the reasons why we have eyebrows, why bald dogs have bad teeth, how heavy metal music makes pigs deaf and why spaghetti snaps into four pieces.

And he also explores some of the more bizarre ideas adopted by early scientists to explain the world around them.

Ince, one of the writers and stars of the 11 o’Clock Show, starred alongside Stephen Merchant, Jimmy Carr and Ricky Gervais, in the 2001 Edinburgh Fringe show, Rubbernecker.

A close friend of Gervais, he supported him on his 2004 Politics tour and his 2007 Fame tour, played failed interviewee, Stuart Foot, in The Office and often appears in Ricky’s video podcasts.

He last appeared at Chorley Little Theatre, a venue which has carved out a great reputation on the comedy circuit in recent years, at the end of last year.

Tickets for his Chorley 
Little Theatre show are still on sale, priced at £12 or £10 from Malcolm’s Musicland on 01257 264362 or online at We Got Tickets, See Tickets and Ticketweb.