These Little luvvies live forever

'Old Actors Never Die&They Just Lose the Plot'
'Old Actors Never Die&They Just Lose the Plot'
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Southport Dramatic Club’s latest offering is Lynne Brittney’s farcical comedy ‘Old Actors Never Die…They Just Lose the Plot’.

This is presented at Southport Little Theatre from Friday November 22 to Saturday November 30.

Directed by Poppy Flanagan, with a cast of suitable over-the-top characters, the play is set in ‘The Mount’, a retirement home for elderly actors.

When ageing Walter Neville arrives at the home, he finds many old friends there including ex-matinee idol, Edmund, a serial womanizer who is lumbered with no less than three of his former wives alongside him in residence.

When Edmund goes on the run from Russian gangsters, yes, you read it right, the lively old ladies decide to use all their theatrical skills to save him from a fate worse than death. After all, Edmund does pay their bills so they need him back...

What follows is a truly daft journey into the world of eccentric luvvies where complications increase and situations become ever more ridiculous by the minute.

Tickets £8 and £7 from the Box Office. Tel: 01704 530521/530460

The grand opening of this year’s Christmas show at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool takes place on Friday November 22 at 7.30pm and the show runs until January 11.

‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fazakerley’ stars Royal Court regulars Lindzi Germain, Jack Rigby, Michael Starke, Lynn Francis and Angela Simms.

Fred Lawless, the writer of the last four smash hit Royal Court Christmas shows (‘Merry Ding Dong’, ‘Scouse Pacific’, ‘ Little Scouse On The Prairie’ and ‘A Nightmare On Lime Street’), is back once again with his wackiest Christmas show ever.

Mr Spock may have thought Star Trek was ‘illogical’, but if he comes to the Royal Court this Christmas he’s going to think this show is ‘hysterical’!

Bound to be another great success.

Tickets are £14 and £20 and for an extra £10 you can enjoy a delicious meal at your seat before the show. To book call 0870 787 1866.

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