Things that go bump on a night in the museum

Ghost hunt
Ghost hunt
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Sixth Sense Ghosthunters return to The British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland next week.

Lancashire’s very own professional ghost hunters put on a host of spooky events all year round, offering the public an opportunity to experience the paranormal for themselves.

Ian Wood and Maria Butcher organise the events with a team of experienced mediums, psychics and paranormal investigators.

Sixth Sense Ghosthunters also aim to reunite people with loved ones who passed away through vigils, spirit boards, planchette and table tipping.

During the event, members of the public tour the buildings conducting tests with state-of-the-art ghost detecting kit.

Ian said: “People with all different views attend, some open-minded, some who believe and some who are quite sceptical.”

“We haven’t had a sceptic that hasn’t changed their mind after an event.”

The Leyland event begins at 9pm on April 26 and continues until 3am. Tickets cost £25 and money will be raised for Spinal Research.

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