Three cheers for the monster

Little Shop of Horrors
Little Shop of Horrors
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Little Shop of Horrors - Chorley Little Theatre

If you said you were going to see a play about a man-eating plant many would shudder and keep away from such a bloodthirsty storyline.

But, in reality, this dark and complex musical has the feel-good factor and contains laugh-out-loud humour.

Mushnik’s flower shop on Skid Row is not doing well. Drunks are lolling around the dustbins and business is dying ... like the flowers! Mushnik (Paul Duckworth) with his assistants Seymour (Danny Watkins) and Audrey (Diane Glover) are at a loss to know how to attract more customers.

But Seymour has been nurturing ‘a strange and interesting plant’ so they name it Audrey ll and put it in the shop window to attract passers-by.

It works and soon the cash is rolling in.

The only trouble is that the plant does not thrive on sunshine and water.

It needs ... blood!

Seymour’s pricked finger is the source of nutrition in the early days but soon the plant grows and desires more.

So – what happens to Audrey’s cruel dentist boyfriend (Steven Catterall)? Known as the ‘leader of the plaque’ he thinks he can bully just about everyone - until he mysteriously disappears.

And just where is Mushnik?

All is revealed in this hilarious production that has an excellent and experienced cast trilling through Howard Ashman’s delicious lyrics with Alan Menken’s unforgettable music beautifully played by an accomplished five-piece orchestra led by Conductor Wayne Oakes.

Rachel Brennan, Vicki Claputa and Katie Eccles provide the glamour as the three be-bopping Ronettes who open the show and appear at intervals to push the story along.

Alan Levesley shows his versatility by playing numerous parts from the first cash-spending customer to the editor of Time Magazine.

And the real star of the show?

Audrey ll of course ... ably assisted by Rob Armstrong and Ian Robinson.

Well done everyone!

Thoroughly enjoyable!

Jenny Robson