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Me and My Girl

Preston Musical Comedy Theatre

Charter Theatre

Noel Gay’s music is always exuberant and the slick one-liners from Stephen Fry’s updated book made this production of ‘Me and My Girl’ a real treat under the expert direction of Neil Townsend..

Kingsley Judd was the archetypal, cheeky chappie, Cockney as Billy Snibson who inherits the title of Lord Hareford but wants to stay true to his Lambeth roots despite the attempts of the titled family to turn him into a gentleman.

Horrified he might marry his Lambeth girlfriend, Sally Smith, played by Lucy-Ella Smith, the Duchess of Dene (Lynne Nolan) suggests he chooses instead the gold-digging Lady Jacqueline (Julie Oldfield), ex-girlfriend of The Hon Gerald Bolingbroke played by David Slater who bore a remarkable resemblance to Kenneth Williams.

Eddie Regan was superb as Sir John Tremayne, who helped Billy in his cause and Matthew Williams played the solicitor, Herbert Parchester.

Highlights were the Pearly Kings and Queens doing the Lambeth Walk, the Ancestors scene involving a tiger rug in the Library and Sally’s My Fair Lady transformation into a lady in the final act.

This was a big show in every sense.

Striking and constantly changing sets, colourful costumes and lively dance routines, choreographed by Lorna Cookson, and sparkling singing by the chorus building up to a stirring finale.

Songs like ‘The Lambeth Walk’, ‘Leaning on a Lamppost’ and, of course, ‘Me and My Girl’, with first-rate accompaniment from Bruce McLaren’s 11-piece orchestra, had the audience happily singing along.

A feel-good show with a hugely satisfying ending and another great success for the Preston Musical Comedy