Farington Lodges' community renovation work continues three years after thousands of fish died

The Leyland community continues to come together to revamp an angling hot spot devastated by fire three years ago.

Thursday, 18th April 2019, 4:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th April 2019, 5:35 pm
Environment Agency and Withnell Angling Club teaming up to bring siltex to Farington Lodges Recreation Ground to break up silt in the water (Images: JPIMedia)

In the summer of 2016 Farington Lodges was devastated by a nearby fire, killing thousands of fish in the water due to decimated oxygen levels.

Now, almost three years on, the Leyland continues to come together to improve the idyllic fishing spot.

On Wednesday last week the Environment Agency teamed up with Withnell Angling Club, which leases the lodges from South Ribble Council, to combat the silt build up in the water.

Siltex being poured into the lodges

South Ribble Coun Graham Walton represents Farington West and also sits on Farington Parish Council.

“We’ve given it the care that it deserves,” Coun Walton said.

“Most of the fish stock went with the fire. We’ve been doing a hell of a lot of work down there with the Environment Agency.

“It’s been a great effort from all the parties involved. The guys at the angling club are a great bunch.”

Siltex going into the lodges

New pegs and disabled access pegs have been brought in, with the revamp work set to keep going with plans to bring decking over the water for education classes from local schools.

An Environment Agency (EA) spokesman for Lancashire said: “Our Fisheries Officers have been deploying a product called Siltex, which is a chalk based substance that helps

icroorganisms to digest the silt and reduce its depth. High silt levels can reduce dissolved oxygen contact and as silt is stirred up, reduced water quality.”

As well as this the agency is working to reduce ‘leaf litter’ around the water.

Angling club secretary Dave Cox

Historically the lodges have a history of being heavily tree lined, which has contributed to silt build up, partly from leaves.

As a result trees have been cut back to increase oxygen levels around the lodges.

To make the ongoing project a reality the angling club secured funding from The Green Partnership, Better Together, Farington Parish Coun Mike Otter, Farington Parish Council, South Ribble Council and the Lancashire Environmental Fund.

A showcase demonstrating just how far the fishing hotspot has come takes place next Thursday from 10am, with catches of the day being compared at around 3pm.

Withnell Angling Club helping out

• Day tickets for the event can be purchased from www.lostocktackle.co.uk