Hot Ice 'Utopian' at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - a 'dazzling masterpiece on ice'

Hot Ice returns with 'Utopian' at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Hot Ice returns with 'Utopian' at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

If you ever wanted insider information for the creative goings on inside the mind of Pleasure Beach director Amanda Thompson OBE this year’s return of the highlight that is Hot Ice gives you just a glimpse and it is every bit as thrilling as you could imagine

This dazzling new show has a unique story, it is a jewel in the crown of this amusement park, you won’t get anywhere else in the world and that is because it comes direct from what Amanda describes as her ‘crazy dreams.’

A world of dreams is exactly what ‘Utopian’ invites audiences into - a whistle-stop, wind, snow, sun in your face tour from the frozen corners of the earth, to those out-of-reach paradise shores and even as far as heaven itself, stopping short of those pearly gates.

It’s at times a twisted and tortured adventure at a dazzling speed, Games of Throne-esque battle like scores and group sequences complete with fire on ice, as the skaters grapple with heavy emotions surrounding their desires and passions, wrapped up in fantasy and romance.

With a heavy disco beat, this year's Utopian soundtrack also adds a pulse of further energy.

There are plenty of heart in the mouth and breath-taking moments as the artists perform exhilarating stunts from double Axels to headbangers.

An international cast of 33 will take to the ice at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ice Arena

An international cast of 33 will take to the ice at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ice Arena

Thompson has travelled the world in her passion to entertain but her heart is in Blackpool and that energy and focus radiates through the epicentre of the arena, each time the skaters take to the ice.

A standing ovation was given and deserved for this highly talented cast, boasting some of the world's top national and international medallists and indeed for world and Olympic skater and choreographer Oula Jaaskelainenen who certainly went to the extremes of those far reach places in his interpretation of this vision of 'Utopian', with the assistance of entertainments director Lynsey Brown.

‘Utopian’ is a masterpiece on ice and an extraordinary feat given the cast of 33 have brought this demanding choreography to life in little more than three weeks.

Be prepared to be dazzled by the artistry, acrobatics and an inspired wardrobe of colour and glitz, which cannot be out-performed.