To my shock the Blue Ocean wasn’t a chippy

Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean
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Blue Ocean

Chorley Road, Walton-le-Dale

This week we did one of those shops were you make sure you have something in for every night of the week.

I hate those kind of shops, deciding on Sunday what you want for tea next Friday.

Well sure enough by the time Friday came I didn’t fancy tuna steaks in the slightest.

To be honest I don’t think I ever wanted them.

So at lunch time on Friday I text the other half a simple ‘takeway for tea?’ text. The reply was ‘YES!’

I have to say we do have a regular Indian takeaway but we wanted to try somewhere new.

So with the help of a website where you can order your takeaway from we had a look at what was close by.

There’s a couple of upsides to this website, you can pay for it with you card online so it doesn’t matter if you have no cash, and you can see the full menu.

We settled on Blue Ocean in Chorley Road, Walton-le-Dale. I’ve got a slight confession to make, having driven past it a fair few times I always thought it was a chippy. Ocean, fish... chippy. But to my surprise it is an Indian.

So we ordered and paid and on the last screen I was gutted when it said the order time was an hour and 10 minutes.

Thankfully it arrived in just over half an hour. Which was a good job because I was ravenous.

I had a chicken Korma (£4.55), which you might say is boring but I love dipping my chips and naan bread in.

My fellow foody had a lamb tikka Rogan Josh (£5.55) which smelt amazing. And between us we had pilau rice (£1.95) a chilli naan bread (£2.15) chips (£1.40) and a poppadom (45p).

We broke all our rules and eat it in the front room with blankets all over the settee in aid their was any spills and the food was gorgeous.

I can’t believe we have never been before, well I can because I thought it was a chippy.

The portions were really big and full of meat and the naan bread was very fresh and tasty and was perfect for moping up all my sauce.

We had some curry left over but warmed it up the next day and it was just as nice then.

And one of the plus points was that the food was piping hot, there’s nothing more disappointing than getting a cold takeaway.

I think next time we order an Indian we will be flipping a coin between here and our other favourite.

Star rating:7/10

Laura Wild