Your final chance to catch string wizards

The New Rope String Band
The New Rope String Band
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Be in Croston on Friday night to enjoy the highly popular New Rope String Band perform for possibly the last time.

The concert comes under the Spot On Lancashire umbrella, a programme dedicated to having live theatre, music, dance and children’s shows take place in isolated rural communities.

Spot On Lancashire’s autumn season marks its 20th year of promoting professional shows, and among the many highlights will be the New Rope String Band’s concert at Croston Old School’s Community Resource Centre on Friday, as it is part of their farewell tour.

Spot On’s scheme manager Sue Robinson said: “We’re really pleased to be celebrating Spot On’s 20th birthday this autumn.

“The network has grown immensely and all our promoters have done fine work in enabling local people to have a great night out.

“This season it’s a bumper edition, with 11 libraries joining us too, thanks to a grant from the Arts Council.

“And a special mention goes to The New Rope String Band who worked with us very early on in our life, and are now ending their time together as a group.”

Tickets for the New Rope String Band’s Croston show are available by ringing 01772 603600 or 01772 600142.

Another event in the Spot On programme will see Canadian contemporary folk from The Fugitives perform at Adlington Library in November.

The full season programme is available at Alternatively you can email or call 01254 660360 for further details.