Myles Standish: The Chorley-born man who was on the Mayflower voyage, is another of our 150 reasons to celebrate Chorley

As the anniversary of the Pilgrims' voyage is celebrated this year, we reflect on the man from Lancashire who made his mark centuries ago.

Friday, 11th June 2021, 4:57 pm
Updated Friday, 11th June 2021, 5:12 pm
Myles Standish - one of Chorley's famous sons
Myles Standish - one of Chorley's famous sons

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It's a countdown to our 150th anniversary on November 4 and we’re celebrating the community we’re proud to be a part of.

More than 200 years before the Industrial Revolution, the town - or at least one of its most celebrated citizens - had played its part in the birth of modern-day America.

A replica of the Mayflower sails into Plymouth

Last year marked the 400 year anniversary of the historic Mayflower voyage in 1620 from England to America, which carried the Pilgrims, some seeking religious freedom, others a fresh start, to a new life across the Atlantic.

When the ship set sail, aboard was Military Officer Myles Standish, who is believed to have been born and lived in Duxbury,


Myles' connection to Chorley has long been recognised; and no more so than this year when Chorley will hold its own Mayflower 400 celebrations.

The Chorley Guardian is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year

As even though the pandemic put paid to most of the commemorations last year, it's not stopping anyone mark the date this year.Myles Standish played an integral part in the administration and defence of the Plymouth Colony and was the founder of Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Prior to the Mayflower’s departure from Plymouth, Mayflower history was written in many towns and cities.

The trail includes, amongst others, Chorley, Southampton, City of London, Plymouth, England and Provincetown and Plymouth, USA.

All the locations play a key part in the story of the Mayflower and the people involved.

The name of Myles Standish lives on

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The Myles Standish 2020 Working Group, in collaboration with Chorley Council, sought to recognise Myles Standish’s role in the momentous journey.

Set up several years ago, the group compiled vital information to prove the part the Standishes played in Chorley’s history.

There is plenty of evidence In his will, Standish listed lands at Croston, Mawdesley and other local places.

It is possible that he lived at least part of his life at Duxbury Hall in Chorley.

Although it cannot be proven conclusively that Duxbury is his birthplace, short of DNA sampling from his grave and from the crypt of St Laurence’s Church, where it is believed members of his family are interred, it appears that Standish did at least have some links with this area.

His name is certainly remembered locally with the westerly bypass from the A6 to Eaves Green having been named Myles Standish Way.

Chorley's Mayflower 400 events, to celebrate its links to the Pilgrims' voyage through Myles Standish, take place from June to September 2021.

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